Use SIXT ride for business customers through SIXT corporate

With our affordable fares and top-notch customer service, SIXT ride for business customers is a convenient way for you and your employees to travel.

SIXT ride for business customers: a quick and affordable transportation option

Whether you’re heading to the airport or a meeting, SIXT ride for business customers can safely and quickly bring you to your destination. Our taxi service is available across the world, and our professional drivers conveniently speak English, helping to make your trip go as smoothly as possible. In addition to SIXT company car rental and a SIXT+ car subscription, your company can now benefit from instant transportation without having to worry about details such as parking and filling up on gas. Once you enter your location and destination, a driver will be there to pick you up in minutes.

1. Save money with SIXT ride for business customers

With its competitive prices, SIXT ride for business customers is an easy way for your company to receive high-quality transportation without having to break the bank. When a customer first registers with the service and downloads the SIXT app, they will instantly receive a discount to be used on their first ride. Periodic specials are offered, allowing all passengers to benefit from surprise vouchers. Even without additional discounts, SIXT ride prides itself on offering some of the most affordable prices available, allowing your company to save on business expenses. Our fixed price policy means that the fare you are quoted when reserving your ride will never change, even if it is during a period of high demand. You will never have to worry about being caught off guard with surprise fees or higher prices. SIXT ride for business customers is an affordable alternative to traditional taxi services, and we even offer special corporate rates to ensure that you can keep your costs down as much as possible. We have a special feature that allows you to earn miles with top frequent-flyer programs for every ride that you book, bringing you one step closer to having a free plane ticket.

2. Customize your booking to suit your needs

With all the options offered, it’s easier than ever to customize a SIXT ride for business customers. It is possible to either book your ride in advance or instead request a driver instantly, depending on what best suits your needs. If you choose to book your SIXT ride instantly, you will have many potential drivers to be matched with, with one of them being on their way to you in just minutes. A diverse fleet of vehicles allows you to select the perfect car type for your needs, whether it’s a large SUV that can fit a group with luggage, or a more affordable economy model. For those that would like to have a luxurious chauffeur service that will allow them and their colleagues to travel in style, this is possible as well when you book a first-class sedan. If you will be traveling with other passengers, it is easy for you to enter their information either online or into the app in order to share details of your ride and split the fee amongst your group. No matter what you will be ordering a ride service for, the SIXT platform allows you to customize every detail of your trip.

3. Travel to any destination of your choosing

SIXT ride for business customers is conveniently available in almost every major city across the globe, as well as in more than 60 different countries. No matter where you are, you can reserve a ride through this service, and you will be provided with a reliable and thoroughly background-checked driver that speaks English and is there to help meet your needs. If you need to quickly head to a local meeting, your driver can bring you anywhere in the city. SIXT ride for business customers is also a great choice for those needing to go to and from the local airport, as you won’t have to worry about parking or walking long distances with heavy luggage. Instead, your driver will drop you off directly at your terminal and help you to load and unload any personal items. When you reserve your airport transfer, you can even provide your driver with your flight number, making it easy for them to instantly track when you are scheduled to land and thus allowing them to be right on time for picking you up. If you need to travel outside the city limits of where you are ordering your ride, you can do this as well. Whether it’s for a quick trip or traveling a longer distance, SIXT ride is there for you.

4. All your details in one SIXT app

You can now use one app for all SIXT services, including SIXT ride, SIXT car rental, and SIXT+ car subscription. Each of your employee’s previous and scheduled rides and rentals can be found in the same place. If your employees have their own personal SIXT account, they can simply add a company profile to the app in addition to their customer profile in order to distinguish between personal and corporate trips. All our services in the SIXT app use cashless payment, meaning that you do not have to worry about carrying money with you in order to pay your driver. Instead, you can simply store the credit card information that you wish to use in the app, and this card will be automatically charged with your fare once your trip has been completed. By using a cashless payment system, it is now easier for companies to keep track of charges as business expenses and stay on top of their employees’ travels.

5. How to book through our online platform and app

Booking a SIXT ride for business customers either through our online platform or app is a simple process that will take just minutes. Before attempting to book a ride, make sure that you have successfully signed up for a SIXT account. Once this is completed, the process can be broken down into four simple steps:

  • Enter your personal information and ride details
    Once you are on the SIXT ride section of either the website or app, you will first be prompted to provide some personal information in order to reserve your ride, such as your pick-up location, the address of your destination, and whether you would like to schedule the ride for a specific time or book instantly.
  • Customize your ride
    Next, you will have the option of customizing certain details for your ride. For example, you will be able to choose what car class you are interested in, as well as what type of service you would like, such as an airport transfer or a luxury chauffeur.
  • Reserve your ride and pay
    After you have entered your information and decided on which type of ride service you would like, it’s time for you to officially request your transportation. This will be your opportunity to either enter new payment information or select a credit card that has already been provided in the app.
  • Download the app onto your smartphone and begin tracking your driver
    When your ride has been successfully requested, you can then download the SIXT app onto your smartphone if you have not already done so. This is a convenient choice, as you will be able to see your order history, track your driver in real time to see when they will arrive, and access your driver’s contact details in the case you need to speak with them.
Download the SIXT app

6. Secure and affordable transportation for all your company’s needs

Our affordable prices, trustworthy and professional drivers, and customizable options make SIXT ride a convenient choice for your company. Whether you need to go to the airport, head to a business dinner, attend a full day of meetings, or embark on a longer drive, we are there to help get you to your destination. Reserving transportation through SIXT ride takes just minutes, and you can conveniently keep all your details in one place through the app.