Mini company car rental

For short- and long-term rental or company car subscription


British cult brand MINI embodies, like no other, the perfect synthesis between tradition and invention. The famous MINI was born with creativity in its DNA. Back in the ‘50s, MINI was developed as an ingenious response to the challenging conditions of an oil crisis. Now under the guidance of BMW, this inventive spirit remains to offer the most modern technology and unique driving experience. MINI is a statement of dynamism and fun. For those who want to take this frame of mind into the business table, SIXT has the perfect MINI model for each job. Whether you want to drive through the narrow streets of an urban jungle to visit a client or cruise between meetings, renting a MINI with SIXT ensures the best experience in any work trip.
With SIXT, the dynamism and inventiveness that this brand exudes will accompany you through the booking process. State-of-the-art technology allows your company to save money and rent the perfect MINI with no hassle: our system saves your company’s information, which helps reduce the booking time, keeps track of the company’s expenses through our printable reports, and avoids wasting time in lines with efficient pick-up and delivery technology (self-service, RFID key-box, LaserReturn). Car rental in the XXIst century!