Long-term rental vans for companies

SIXT is with you every step of the way

Is your company getting ready to switch offices? Are you organizing a team event and need the constant transportation of the participants? No matter the challenge lying ahead, with SIXT’s long-term rental vans, you will have the right vehicle to get the job effortlessly done. In our assortment, you will find a wide variety of business car long-term rental vans from the best brands in the market. The very best models from Chevrolet, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, and much more are available whenever you need them. Our models are equipped with high-end technology to ensure safety, comfort, and the best driving experience. Treat your team to one of our premium vans and ensure that they arrive happy and well-rested to their next destination.

At SIXT, we know that agility and resilience are crucial to success in ever-changing conditions. This is why we have developed long-term rental van contracts that empower our clients by giving them certainty and flexibility at the same time. With us, you will know exactly what your transportation costs will be so you can plan accordingly. No more surprises by having to repair vehicles that unexpectedly broke down. No unnecessary payments of insurance policies that don’t adapt to your timelines. Did your needs suddenly change, and now you need a bigger van or change your rental location? No problem! In our long-term term service, you can make changes to your booking without any bureaucratic hassle.