Long term Ford Company Car Rental

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Our Long term rental for your Ford company car is a great solution for those looking for the chance to drive luxury and upper-class vehicles at a comfortable price. Give your business the image it deserves by exhibiting cars with cutting-edge technology. With our long term rental solution, you’ll enjoy flexibility while keeping your costs under control. Transparency is of immense value to our team, and that’s why we’ll ensure you don’t need to worry about the details.
SIXT offers you more than just the choice of a car. With us, you can leverage our global network and drive on-demand regardless of your location. We go where your business goes. No waiting lines.
While every car is different, we have prepared the best representative choice of what it means to drive a Ford. Whether you prefer an icon like the Ford Mustang, or you would rather fancy the power and engineering of a muscle car such as the Shelby GT350 you are in good hands.
SIXT is a synonym of both tradition and modernity, a balanced mixture of power and passion, a symbol of quality. Therefore, we invite you and enable you to join us and embrace this new digital world by enjoying the comfort of a Ford fleet, one of our most praised jewels. Welcome to our family!