Long-term rental Ford for companies

Ride with success to your next destination

Driving a Ford ensures that you have an iconic brand with the longest tradition in the automobile industry. Take a long-term companion that offers the best mix of heritage and innovation. To ensure the best driving experience, our experts make the most careful selection of vehicles. We are proud to have in our fleet an extensive range of Ford models. No matter what challenge lies ahead, you will find the ideal long-term business car rental Ford in our fleet. Whether your company needs a reliable car to navigate the busy streets in the urban jungle with utmost agility, a big van to transport your entire team, or a sports car to enjoy the landscape in those rides between meetings, at SIXT, we have a wide range of long-term rental Ford models for you.

The best automobile technology comes as a holistic and innovative car rental experience designed to solve all your mobility needs in the most efficient and cost-friendly way. Our long-term contracts allow you to flexibly change vehicles whenever your needs change. Because we understand that the future is uncertain, there is no minimum term in your rental. Reduce your mobility costs by paying only for the service you need and forgetting about investing a lot of money in acquiring and maintaining a company fleet. We have offices in over 120 countries, in all the biggest airports and train stations. Wherever your business takes you, a Ford will be waiting for you to take you to your next destination.