This is our Premium company car rental

All there is to know about our Premium & Full-size car rental


Business cars must meet a variety of different criteria. They should be spacious, in order to be able to transport everything you need. They should also be comfortable, so that the driver as well as the passengers can have a relaxed day of travelling for business. It also needs to be safe and include new technology. And on top of that, you want your employees to ride in style, perfectly representing your company.

So, creating your own companay car fleet can become a massive undertaking. Investing large sums of money while simultaneously restricting your mobility to one location is not always the smartest idea for your business or your employees.

This is where our SIXT Premium car rental comes into play. With our programme, you will not have to commit to one model or brand of car, neither do you only have access to them in one location. We will let you and your employees pick and choose which car category you want to take for a spin every single time you use our service. Additionally, our contracts are fully flexible, giving you the opportunity to change from Premium to Luxury or Intermediate whenever the demands of your company might change.

And finally, our Premium car rental is available to you all over the world. Simply book your next business trip and be assured that we will greet you at your destination and help you move around just as smoothly as you would back home. Depending on your location, your employees get to enjoy some of the most modern, cutting-edge, stylish and safe vehicles on the market right now.