Kia company car rental

Rent a KIA short or long periods, or subscribe to a company car


If you are in need of a business vehicle park for your employees but are struggling with the thought of setting up your own fleet, we have found the right solution for you. Our SIXT business customer program has been specifically designed to solve the problem of mobility for corporations. Forgotten are the times of large investments and long-term commitments to car dealerships.Instead, the modern concept of using a car and not owning it has shown itself to be the smarter option when it comes to finances and effort. Our service not only offers competitive rates and many amazing individual discounts for our loyal members, but it also comes with an already established and experienced project management system. Your employees can use our several ways of communication to reserve their Kia company car by phone, in person, online or using our free smartphone app that allows for bookings up to 30 minutes before your departure. Finally, we have built a digital platform where we keep all your important contract details – and allow you to change them yourself anytime, too. No fixed commitments, no long running times. We want you to stay as flexible as possible and focus on getting your business ahead.