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All Mercedes cars combine high comfort, most recent safety features, and powerful engines. Renting a Mercedes business car with our SIXT long term rental Mercedes allows you to switch cars easily. Choose your car according to your needs while always driving in style. The SIXT Mercedes company car fleet offers Mercedes-Benz cars for every occasion and road condition. The advanced technology and the world-famous comfort turn every business travel into an enjoyable ride. Whether you’re traveling around the country for business or going abroad, you’ll find SIXT car rental stations in almost every major city. Enjoy the comfort and the luxury of Mercedes-Benz business cars on each of your business travels. If your employees are traveling as a group, why not just enjoy a business trip with an SUV? If you decide on the SIXT business car long term rental Mercedes, you can offer your employees premium company cars that are even customizable. Cutting-edge technology and the latest safety features will keep your employees safe and motivated. Our excellent customer service and your dedicated account manager will take care of all the necessary details and offer you flexible business terms. Enjoy our first-class service and the huge variety of our SIXT Mercedes-Benz business cars.