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SIXT company car solutions

Save both time and money, and enjoy the convenient booking process with a SIXT Business car rental!
Business customers don’t need to be pre-approved but can sign up immediately. Registering is free and there are no obligations. Enjoy the range of SIXT business car rentals.
Make mobility with the SIXT business car rental even easier with additional services such as 24/7 self-service and rent control tools, using our app online or on your phone.
Your SIXT business car rental contract is customized to your needs; whether you need a long-term mini-van, or a short-term luxury vehicle for impressing clients.

Benefits for all our company customers

Not only can you find the perfect solution for your company with the SIXT business car rental, but you can take advantage of several other benefits. In addition to business mobility, long-term rentals, and rentals for hauling and transporting, you’ll enjoy great customer service and digital tools.
Options for business travel

Options for business travel

  • SIXT locations and pick-up all over the world
  • Premium rentals, carsharing, or taxis available
  • Book worldwide through the app or online


  • A high-quality fleet offers you flexibility
  • No down payments or investment costs
  • Plan your expenses with our full cost transparency

SIXT makes businesses more mobile

Find the perfect, tailored solution for your SIXT business car rental. You can use the classic rental service, or any other option – we have something for every business customer.
Rental mobility
Company cars
Mobile worldwide with premium vehicles

Mobile worldwide with premium vehicles

Pick up a premium, short-term rental from any of our 2200 stations through booking online. Our worldwide service net covers every vehicle from compact to luxury. Consider using our convenient services, such as the SIXT app, to save time.
SIXT surprises me all over again every time with innovative solutions regarding the topic of mobility.
Long-term renting for businesses

Long-term renting for businesses

Stay both flexible and mobile! Leasing or buying a company car are connected to high initial investments and running costs, while your flexible SIXT rental contract allows you to cancel your rental in dire economic situations, or simply when you don’t need a car anymore.
We use long-term solutions from SIXT because we need maximum flexibility and full cost transparency.