GMC company car rental

For short- and long-term rental or company car subscription


American automaker General Motors has been producing staple utility vehicles since the beginning of the XXth century. SUVs, trucks and vans have become a common sight both among the overwhelming auto industry. The focus on high quality and optimized performance has created practical and diverse models for virtually any occasion. Beyond their practicality, GMC company cars offer you a comfortable, premium ride, as well as all the newest technologies in the auto industry. Driving assistants and stability systems turn business travel into more of an experience than work. Whether you’re renting a vehicle for yourself, a colleague or an employee, SIXT has the perfect one for your needs. Thanks to our convenient online booking and rental management systems, you can book and keep track of all your rentals from anywhere in the world. For our loyal corporate customers, we also offer special rates and discounts, in addition to a completely digitalized booking process. Renting a company vehicle is a sought-after trend in business these days – why deal with all the work that comes with owning a vehicle when you can stay flexible and enjoy attractive terms and low monthly payments? Access the booking of any vehicle in our premium company fleet by registering as a corporate customer.