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Renting German company cars with SIXT Corporate

When looking for a corporate car, why not drive the best? German cars offer best-in-class performance and luxury through superior engineering and technology.

Traveling for Work: German Company Cars Offer Superior Style and Performance

In 1879 Karl Benz secured a patent for one of the first internal combustion engines; then, in 1886 he went on to patent his first automobile. Since that time, multiple German car manufacturers have joined the market and their combined efforts have won them a collective reputation that is practically unmatched around the world. Today, German carmakers enjoy ubiquitous brand recognition, specifically as producers of quality, luxury vehicles that have been engineered to perfection, with unparalleled performance and technology. This is what makes German company cars highly sought after.

1. Reasons for Corporate Travel with a German Company Car

There are many reasons for business professionals to travel, and many modes of transportation to get them to their destination. Some work as single ways to get around, such as driving in a company car (for those most fortunate business travelers), and others work in tandem, like airplanes and shuttle services. For businesses that anticipate corporate travel, it is critical that they have a clear sense of their travel requirements. Whether the purpose of travel is to directly impact the business, or it is to support the further development of you or your business team, it is important that companies have access to transportation like company rental cars, or any other vehicle that will facilitate in-person attendance at critical events, including:

  • Business pitches and sales efforts: Despite advances in digital technologies that provide a platform on which companies can conduct business, such as video conferences that allow for virtual pitches, nothing replaces direct eye contact and a solid handshake. Any mode of transportation that puts you face-to-face with prospective clients will enhance your chances of business success and show would-be clients that you’re willing to go the extra mile, so-to-speak.
  • Deal closing: Sometimes it’s not enough to simply add your signature to a contract. Many clients like to hash out deal terms in person, or like to celebrate deal closures with their partners, knowing that signing on the dotted line is initiating an engagement which could be the start of, or continuation of, a years-long relationship.
  • Relationship development: Whether your business relationship is in its nascent stages, or you’re reenforcing a long-term relationship, it is important to cultivate and maintain engagement with business associates. In-person meetings, whether in an office setting or over dinner, are pivotal to lasting success.
  • Tradeshows and conferences: Both tradeshows and conferences are great ways to keep abreast of the industry, even if you’re not contributing directly to the event. They are also excellent platforms for networking within the industry. For these reasons, both employees and employers stand to benefit from the visibility gained when attending industry-specific events.

Additionally, employers or employees may need transportation to classes that are part of an extended learning effort to enhance or develop new skill sets. Or maybe you need a company car for opportunity scouting, or to establish a more cohesive corporate environment by traveling to multiple offices of the same business. These are just some of the many reasons employers or employees may need to travel for work and why they should do it with a German company car.

2. Types of Corporate Transportation

Once the travel requirements of your business are understood, the next step is to calibrate your transportation needs. Work travel takes many forms and, luckily, many are tax-deductible, such as:

  • Airplanes
  • Passenger trains
  • Commuter trains
  • Taxis
  • Subway systems
  • Inter- and intra-city buses
  • Gas mileage in a personal car for work purposes

One of the most effective modes of corporate transportation is through company car rentals, because they provide employees with the greatest flexibility and autonomy. What’s more, car rentals grant professionals with access to vehicles, such as German company cars that make an excellent impression for business purposes but may sometimes be considered an ill-suited choice for a personal family car. However, with the right company car rental partner like SIXT, corporate professionals who need transportation for business travel can gain access to vehicles for long-term or short-term rentals, whether regionally or remotely, such as in instances where business travel requires flying to another region or country. Rather than exhaust company resources to establish a fleet of corporate vehicles, which may also prove impractical for long-distance travel, businesses will want to establish a partnership with a company that is poised to provide the mobility services that meet their transportation needs.

3. Benefits and Sophistication of German Company Cars

As a result of the reputation that they hold for superior engineering and performance, as well as the image of class and sophistication that they create, German cars are desirable vehicles for businesses. There are multiple brands that exist within the German company car category, including:

Their bold and confident slogans mirror the quality and confidence of the vehicles’ designs. And each year the vehicles just get better by adding greater sophistication to their performance: like the constantly improving responsive steering system in BMW, the improved safety granted by the 4MATIC technology in Mercedes-Benz, and the continuously streamlined infotainment technology, as with Audi connect®. All these elements make German cars ideal business rentals. What’s more, their performance and technology ensure employers that their team can safely remain active and engaged in business while on the road—and employees will see their company car as a luxury perk.

German company cars also come in all shapes and sizes, making the range of vehicles offered by these manufacturers comprehensive enough to suit a variety of business travel needs. So, if attendance at a tradeshow means you need space for equipment, German SUVs are engineered to maximize space in intelligent ways. However, if you’re heading out to see a prospective client, the sleek and sophisticated look of many of the German-manufactured sedans makes for a strong presentation. Whatever the occasion, German company cars sit in a class of their own, and when offered through a mobility services partner that operates a likewise superior service, the whole rental car package can facilitate great success for your business.

4. SIXT’s Transportation Options

There is no “one size fits all” plan that can accommodate the requirements of all companies in need of transportation for business. That is why SIXT offers businesses a range of mobility services that can get employers or their employees into one of the many German cars available in our extensive fleet.

SIXT ride car service

When corporate travel takes you far enough afield that a flight is required, or the deal-closing celebration includes a cocktail hour, SIXT ride car service offers luxury vehicles with a professional driver for a shuttle to and from the airport, or to and from evening events. Likewise, our car service can be booked by the hour, working as a professional chauffer service for deal roadshows or other multi-hour, multi-location engagements within a city.

SIXT rentals

Business professionals who have a limited need for flexible and autonomous transportation, and opt for a company car rental, may want a vehicle that relays the quality and sophistication of their work. Or you may simply want to hop behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle. For these reasons, professionals often choose one of the many German company cars in SIXT’s extensive fleet. As is the case with all of SIXT’s car rental services, customers benefit from best-in-class customer service, free cancelations for bookings that opt for payment on arrival and availability in many countries around the world.

SIXT+ company car subscription

A SIXT+ company car subscription provides business professionals cars by the month, with a variety of German company cars from which to choose. The subscription gives businesses the ability to tailor service to meet their specific rental needs; selections can be made for car type, vehicle protection and mileage packages, and extras like GPS. And if the initial vehicle category selection no longer suits the needs of your business, the car can be swapped out for a different one the next month. As with its rental service, SIXT allows car subscription customers to drop off their vehicle any time at the station where they picked it up, even outside of normal operating hours. When a SIXT+ customer does this, it automatically cancels their subscription.

When a business engages SIXT’s range of mobility services to accommodate their business travel needs, they have reliable transportation options at their fingertips. If employees are lucky enough to select from one of the many luxurious German cars available, then, once behind the wheel they’ll undoubtedly benefit from the sophisticated exterior and superior performance that comes with driving one of the musts perfectly engineered vehicles on the planet.

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