Implement Future Mobility Solutions for Business Travel with SIXT Corporate


SIXT Corporate is proud to be at the forefront of the global revolution in business travel. Today, it’s never been easier for corporate customers to move beyond automotive ownership and capitalize on the digitalization of mobility. Take advantage of future mobility solutions that remove rigid contractual requirements, lower costs, and deliver unprecedented utility that allows your team to get on the road and deliver their best work. Download the SIXT app and unlock a whole new world of corporate transportation potential.

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The New Digitalization of Mobility
The Future of Corporate Car Rentals
Access the Whole World of Business
Implement Future Mobility Solutions for Business Travel

The New Digitalization of Mobility

Around the world, mobility is changing thanks to new technologies that have made it easier than ever before to take advantage of on-demand transportation services. Today, it’s possible to handle every aspect of managing a mobility subscription right from the comfort of a trusted mobile app.

Dan Wellesley is a vibrant and energized chief executive officer and serial entrepreneur with his finger on the pulse of the core technologies driving his business ventures around the world. Though he is always happy to speak with the various stakeholders connected to his ventures over the phone or using a video communications interface, he prides himself on building close personal relationships and developing business processes with his colleagues face to face.

For Dan, taking advantage of the digitalization of mobility means utilizing future mobility solutions like SIXT corporate, which transcend borders, bringing the world closer together. When duty calls and Dan needs to leave his native San Francisco to speak with investors in Zurich, the flexibility of the SIXT app provides the assurance he needs to get on his way and move towards his goals without missing a beat.

Dan can schedule a taxi to take him directly to San Francisco International Airport from the comfort and ease of the SIXT app. Once at the airport, he stops by the SIXT kiosk to learn more about how to make the most out of an open-ended SIXT+ car rental subscription. By the time he’s landed in Zurich, he has an impressive and well-appointed technology-laden luxury sedan waiting for him.

As his business trip begins to pick up speed, Dan realizes he would be better suited driving a larger executive SUV rather than the sedan he originally picked up after landing from his flight. Fortunately, with the SIXT app, making changes to a rental subscription is a quick and simple process. After dropping off his original rental car, Dan can quickly switch to an SUV and continue working towards closing the deal of a lifetime.


  • SIXT provides worldwide mobility solutions
  • SIXT allows corporate customers to book car rentals, taxi/chauffeur services, and car-sharing and pooling right from the ease of a single platform
  • SIXT offers award-winning English-speaking customer service agents that are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • SIXT delivers incredible flexibility, utility, and value well-suited for business travelers and companies of all shapes and sizes
  • SIXT empowers corporate customers to go wherever their business takes them

The Future of Corporate Car Rentals

The new digitalization of mobility means that it is less important to worry about ownership. New subscription-based future mobility solutions such as SIXT+ allow business customers to create situation-specific car rental plans that make it much easier to move around a local area. The future of corporate car rentals is here, and it is a flexible, customizable, flat monthly rate subscription that looks a lot more like a gym membership than a traditionally restrictive car rental or lease.

The SIXT+ subscription allows business customers to access every type of vehicle required without having to worry about purchasing costs, down payments, financing charges, or vehicle depreciation fees. Now, it’s easier than ever before to create a corporate car rental solution that matches your needs today but can also be scaled to meet your expectations tomorrow when situations have changed. SIXT+ allows business customers to choose coverage options and mileage packages that can be conveniently modified all from the ease of the award-winning SIXT app.

SIXT+ offers clear advantages for corporate customers:

  • Quick Registration and Provisioning 
    Your new rental subscription vehicle is fully registered and ready to be used from day one, without the need for additional time-consuming paperwork
  • Maintenance and Wear are Covered
    Normal routine maintenance is covered by your corporate rental subscription
  • Cancel Anytime
    Simply end your rental subscription by dropping your vehicle off at a SIXT branch
  • Flexible Services Scale with Your Needs
    Change your car rental subscription details all from the ease of our mobile app
  • Flat-Rate Mileage
    Start your subscription with a simple flat-rate mileage package that can be upgraded at anytime
  • Premium Late Model Vehicle Fleet
    Select from a range of premium late-model vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions and many driver assistance tools
  • Start Driving within 24 Hours
    Schedule corporate car subscription rentals when you need them and start driving within one day

Future Mobility Solutions: Access the Whole World of Business

Claire Hutchens is a well-respected creative visionary whose design work is treasured by the world’s leading organizations. When opportunity knocks, she is always happy to answer the call and expand her portfolio of successful paid creative work. When given the chance to work with Brazil’s government recently to create a national social awareness campaign, she jumped at the opportunity.

After closing the deal, Claire used the SIXT app to schedule a taxi to take her home to begin to get ready for her once-in-a-lifetime new business opportunity. Her head buzzing with excitement about the chance to work on such a major and socially focused project, Claire settles in for the evening excited to know she will soon be on her way to what has always been a dream destination.

In the morning, Claire decides to upgrade from her usual economic SIXT taxi service to a chauffeur-driven luxury sedan. It feels good to splurge and enjoy a taste of a more refined and upscale experience while traveling to work on her biggest project yet. Claire appreciates that the SIXT app empowers her to choose future mobility solutions that match her expectations today and can be customized to suit her needs tomorrow.

SIXT offers strategic benefits for corporate customers who do not drive:

  • SIXT is a complete automotive mobility solution that features taxi and chauffeur services, carpooling, and sharing, all from one convenient and easy-to-use app.
  • SIXT connects the world and allows access to a worldwide network of ride services
  • SIXT allows its customers to take advantage of products and services that can be customized to meet current and future expectations

Implement Future Mobility Solutions for Business Travel

SIXT is proud to be one of the world’s largest mobility services providers. We are always looking for new ways to help our corporate customers conquer expectations to reach their strategic business development goals. The future of mobility is being driven by a new sense of on-demand availability that empowers corporate customers to make the decisions they need to today without feeling restricted tomorrow.

Download the SIXT app and start capitalizing on the digitalization of mobility. Access an entire world of opportunities with the new mobility service platform that delivers a highly scalable and customizable transportation solution that transcends borders to deliver unprecedented utility to corporate customers worldwide. SIXT corporate is your source for mobility solutions that scale to match your ambitions. Make this your best business year yet with SIXT.

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