Long-term rental Toyota at SIXT

Find the ideal vehicle for your needs

You can’t go wrong with a Toyota as a long-term business car rental! This Japanese car manufacturer has been around since the 1930s and is currently the largest carmaker in the world. The cars made by Toyota are popular, as proven by the numbers produced and sold worldwide, and famous for their reliability and durability. Not only does Toyota provide a range of durable, affordable cars, but you can find a vehicle for any purpose. From the classic utility vehicle, the Land Cruiser, or the convenient, nimble Yaris to the Sienna Hybrid, perfect for the environmentally conscious, you’ll find the ideal business rental among the Toyotas at SIXT Corporate.

SIXT Corporate’s values match those of Toyota’s. We’re a global company, supplying our customers with mobility all over the globe. We also offer a fleet of high-quality, reliable vehicles at great prices. When you sign up as a corporate customer and book a long-term business car rental Toyota, you’ll also enjoy our completely digital booking and administration process. Everything can be done conveniently from your smartphone or tablet, whether you select your favorite vehicle class or want to keep an eye on each of your business cars. SIXT Corporate is the easiest way to book a company rental, whether you’re a CEO, manager, or employee.