Long term company car rental

Widen your fleet with this top-notch brand

If you are looking for a suitable option for your flexible business fleet, long-term rental of company cars is a great way to go. Toyota stands for security, quality, and efficiency – crucial values in today’s world and valid values to connect your own business. Besides values, Toyota has plenty of car models to offer for your long-term rental, so no one is left behind. Let everyone choose the car model desired, no matter if small, highly efficient, SUV, or middle size limousine – we got you! We are aware that things can change rather quickly in the corporate world. Your Toyota long-term company car rental is as flexible as you imagine it to be. Just let us know which change in model or duration is needed, and we will make it happen in no time. In case you are asking yourself how to reach out, the answer is: whatever channel suits you is the best way to contact us. Sixt offers you an app with great user experience as well as more traditional points of contact to stay in touch for your long-term Toyota company car rental whenever needed. Besides all the mentioned amenities, comfort does not stop there. Billing will be handled for your convenience, too, and you’ll get comprehensive cost overviews and automated e-billing to make it all even more convenient.