Your company van rental with SIXT

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Why buy a van when you can save time and money with SIXT’s company van rental? We offer many solutions for companies and are proud to see many clients worldwide counting on us. Motivate your employees with a wide choice of premium brands like Chevrolet, Ford, or Audi and BMW. Enjoy the newest digital innovations and high technical quality in our fully equipped vans.

Looking for an effective way of driving and budgeting? We should get in touch, as we offer you a flat-rate service that involves insurance, a rental fee for a fixed period, and all costs for inspections. SIXT is the right choice for your company because we can offer the best calculable conditions thanks to our digitalized processes. This innovative strategy makes our 24-hour service work with a one-of-a-kind price-performance ratio. Choose between days up to months and see for yourself why we are rated very good worldwide.

There are many benefits to renting a van, starting with the large cargo and space for your legs and head, making driving more comfortable. Furthermore, we offer different categories in our company van rental program, which involves multi-purpose vehicles, station wagons, and minivans. If you are looking for a car for all-day business exercises — be it visiting clients, sending goods, or even taking the whole team somewhere far —, then a van is a right option for you. Find out more about our special business conditions!