Discover our Intermediate company cars

All the benefits in one amazing package deal


Welcome to our Intermediate company car rental. With this package deal, you will get the more than just a standard company car. Our amazing Intermediate cars include some of the most versatile, comfortable and exciting vehicles you could imagine. Buying or leasing a company car calls for immense investments as well as a long-term commitment. You won’t have any flexibility, neither in changing a car model if your demands change, nor in having your vehicles available to you in more than one location. In our opinion, this shouldn’t be the only option for a modern and successful business.

If you choose to go with our Intermediate company car rental though, you will have all the mobility you can think of. Your Intermediate company cars are available to you all over the world. So, if your work calls for an international business trip, our car fleet is right there waiting for you. On top of that, we don’t believe in choosing only one vehicle. That is why we give you access to a broad variety of different car models with different features, allowing you to pick the best choice for your changing needs.

Finally, we give you the best customer service possible, including special benefits for holders of the SIXT Card. You can choose one of three different card options, but all of them come with advantages such as automatic upgrades whenever available, seamless check-in and return processes and discounts on your Intermediate car rental.