The Tesla Model 3 company car

Business customers save up to 15%! Short- and long-term rental or flexible subscription


Adding a Tesla vehicle to your company car fleet has never been easier or more affordable. With SIXT’s flexible company car solutions, the typical worries that come with car ownership or leasing are a thing of the past; you don’t have to worry about repairs, insurance coverage, and registration. Simply book the model of your choice according to your business use case, whether long-term, short-term, or with a subscription.
Tesla has built a reputation as an innovator in electrified propulsion and delivering modern amenities, such as its infotainment system. The Model 3 sedan is a prime example of this innovation and a versatile choice for a company car. From navigating city traffic to maneuvering steep mountain roads, the Model 3’s efficiency and power allows employees to hit the road in any circumstance. A single charge goes a long way for the Model 3 with its range of over 380 kilometers. Also, thanks to the well-developed Supercharger network, you can quickly charge your car on the go.
Tesla also goes the extra mile in terms of safety with its Model 3. Computer-operated composite control of all systems prevents rear-end collisions and dangerous lane changes, and Tesla’s four-piston brake system ensures that the sedan comes to a safe stop.