Hyundai Elanta company car rental

Business customers save up to 15%! Short- and long-term rental or flexible subscription


Travel comfortably and in style with a Hyundai Elantra company car. When you opt to rent this vehicle, you can choose among a sedan, five-door hatchback, or a 2-door coupe. Not only does the Hyundai Elantra company car fit up to 4 passengers, but it also has plenty of cargo space, making it convenient for transporting luggage. Features like touch-screen navigation and satellite radio will make your travels enjoyable, while passenger, side, and rear airbags will help keep you safe in case of a collision. Impressive gas mileage makes it easy to save on expenses. Booking with SIXT is easier than you might think, as you can instantly make your reservation through our app, and take advantage of online check-in. We even offer eco-friendly paperless documents, including invoices.