Company car sharing – Your sustainable business mobility option

In today’s world, buying a car has lost most of its appeal for a variety of reasons. Large up-front investments, long-term commitment and the lack of flexibility make it a less than attractive option for many business owners like yourself. Add to that the negative impact on our environment and you find yourself looking around for alternative mobility solutions. Where car sharing used to be geared towards private use only it’s now a viable option for business cars, as well. With a large fleet of suitable company cars and zero financial commitment SIXT share might be just what you’re looking for.

Company car sharing in a nutshell

Have you ever looked at your company’s business cars parked right outside your office and asked yourself: „Why am I paying all this money for these cars to just sit around and collect dirt and insurance fees?” Not the nicest thought on a Monday morning, is it? We get it. With rising gas prices and the sheer cost of maintaining a company car pool, it becomes harder and harder to justify these expenses for many business owners. Add to that the stress and environmental impact of clogged up streets during rush hour and you’re all but ready to start pedalling to work on a bike. While that’s certainly the cheapest and environmentally friendliest form of getting from A to B it’s not always an option in your day to day business. So why not consider the next best option instead? Sharing a car is a less drastic yet still cheap, flexible and sustainable option for your business mobility. How does it work, you ask? It’s quite easy, actually.

Here’s how it works:
You pay when you drive. That’s it. No, really. With company car sharing you neither buy your business cars nor do you have to commit to any kind of lease agreement. Instead, you can choose from a large fleet of company cars whenever you need one and return it once you’re done with it. That means you only pay for the amount of time you or your employees actually spend behind the wheel. Don’t need the car anymore? Just close the door and walk away from any further costs. See you next time!

Is company car sharing right for you?

Convinced and ready to hit the road already? We’re so glad to hear it! However, let’s make sure it’s actually the right choice for you and your business. Company car sharing is a great solution for you if…

  • You or your employees only need to drive occasionally
  • You only need a car for limited amounts of time
  • You might need different types of cars from time to time
  • You don’t want to commit to a mobility solution long-term
  • You want to keep your company’s carbon footprint as small as possible
  • You want to spend less time on paperwork or maintenance and more on running your business

As you can see, we at SIXT are big fans of shared driving. Nevertheless, in some cases, this type of mobility solution might not be suitable for your particular wants and needs. So before you decide, here are a few examples of when company car sharing might not be the best choice for you:

  • Do you or your employees have to travel frequently?
  • Do you have to regularly travel longer distances?
  • Do you or your employees use company cars for private purposes as well?
  • Is it important to you or your employees to have ’personal’ business cars?

If you answered ’yes’ to any of these questions other business car solutions might be better suited to your company’s needs. For example, when you have to spend considerable amounts of time on the road the benefits of your personal company car aren’t just financial in nature, but also practical and even emotional. In that case, SIXT long term business car hire might be a great solution. Is your business prone to seasonal fluctuations, economic downturns or are you even just starting out? In this situation, a SIXT+ company car subscription with its financial flexibility of cancelling or changing your car any time might be just what you’re looking for.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be an either/or decision. Why not combine different models for your tailor-made mobility solution? Do you have a few employees who rarely travel? They might be the perfect candidates for SIXT share. Do other employees need to meet with clients almost every day? For them, long term car hire or a car subscription might work best. You see, we believe that business mobility should make your life easier, not harder. And what’s more important than flexibility these days?

The financial benefits of shared driving

Car sharing is arguably the most budget-friendly way of driving. For many people, purchasing a car outright has become almost impossible due to ever-increasing prices and maintenance costs. For businesses, there’s a choice between paying for a car pool that only gets used occasionally or only paying when you actually get behind the wheel. Take a look at the financial benefits of sharing company cars:

  • Pay when you drive, save when you don’t: Let’s start with the biggest financial benefit of all. With car sharing, you pay as you go. No car? No cost. That’s it.
  • No up-front investments of any kind: Because you neither own nor lease your company car you don’t need to invest any capital upfront. Instead, you’ll only be billed for the time you use a car.
  • No added costs that exceed your budget: When you share company cars, you never have to worry about maintenance, insurance or registration costs. This makes car sharing super budget-friendly.
  • Maximum financial flexibility: Going through a financial rough patch? Don’t worry. Since you don’t actually own your business cars or have to pay monthly leasing fees you never have to worry about missing a payment or maintaining a car that nobody uses.

Sustainable driving—good for the planet, good for your wallet

Nowadays many businesses face public scrutiny over their environmental impact. And for good reason, too. Gone are the days when big, luxurious executive cars were the only representative choice for CEOs and managers. Today, choosing sustainable solutions might serve a company’s image even better. The more individual people and businesses opt for car sharing the fewer new cars will need to be produced, fewer resources need to be depleted and ultimately it’ll lead to fewer cars on our roads. Instead, car sharing is an eco-friendly way of driving that’s even good for your wallet. We told you, it doesn’t have to be the bike.

SIXT share – How does it work?

Using SIXT share for your business couldn’t be any easier. In a few simple steps, both you and your employees can hit the road whenever, wherever they need to. There’ll always be a vehicle close to your location. For short rides, we recommend paying to the minute. That way you’ll only be billed for the exact amount of time you’re using the car. For longer rides, you can choose between hourly, daily or mileage-based fee models. Included in all of them are gas, insurance and maintenance. Neat, isn’t it?

Now all you need to get started is a business account with SIXT share and the SIXT App:

  1. Open the app and pick the nearest car.
  2. Hit ’choose vehicle’. Your car will be reserved for you for the next 15 minutes at no cost to you.
  3. Once you get to the car just open it with one click through the app and you’re ready to go.
  4. Done with your errands or arrived at your destination? Simply park the car anywhere in the designated area or return it to a SIXT station.
  5. End your rental with one click through the app. That’s it.

Summary: It’s cheap, flexible and sustainable

There are many benefits to company car sharing, cost, flexibility and sustainability chief among them. Don’t want to tie up important business capital in order to buy a car? You don’t need to. Don’t want to pay for a car that’s mostly sitting around on the street? You don’t need to do that either. Don’t want the added headache of paperwork or maintenance? Don’t you worry. Want to make sure your employees can get where they need to go without impacting the environment unnecessarily? Say no more. SIXT share meets all of these business needs and more. All you need is the SIXT App to book a car whenever you need to, keep an eye on your costs and…that’s it. It’s like riding a bike, only more comfortable.