Mini Cooper company car hire

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Being an icon of British history, the Cooper was never a car for the masses. John Cooper Works, owned by BMW since 2008, owes its name to John Cooper, three times winner of the Monte Carlo Rally. Its power isn't the only staple that characterises this piece, but also its style, one which is bound to catch everyone’s eye with its unique look and design. Suitable for both countryside drives and urban adventures, this car will surprise you with the versatility of its features — at the same time offering no compromises in the style department.

SIXT offers 2 Mini company car models: Coupé or Clubman

The true reason to get behind the wheel of the Mini Coupé is what you can find in its engine. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h stands at 6.8 s and the output torque is 280 Nm — thanks to a 192-horsepower engine produced by BMW. The engine responds eagerly to the pressure when accelerating, which comes in handy for high revving.

Drawing some aesthetic inspiration from the Clubman, the MINI Countryman is one of the best-handling SUVs there are on the market. This five-door model has a superbly designed interior with the details you would expect from a car manufactured by BMW. The Countryman offers excellent fuel economy, easing the toll both on your pocket and CO2 emissions.

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