VOLVO company car hire

Hire now & get up to 15% discount!


Welcome to our Volvo company car option. We are dedicated to provide you with the highest level of Service. And give you full flexibility and the ultimate freedom of having access to mobility wherever you go. If you sign up for our programme, you will get immediate access to our outstanding Volvo company car fleet. Including some of the most advanced vehicles available, as well as our mobility solution platform.

Keeping everything fully digital. You can simply log in to your personal account and have all your important information and documents ready for you. As soon as one of your employees places a booking with us, you will receive a confirmation email in your Inbox. After the hiring process is completed, a transparent overview of the cost is directly available to you.

Thanks to our modern technology and software solutions, we reduce the process management cost by up to 80%. That is why our service comes to you at best price, even giving you amazing discounts of up to 15 % off. Finally, your access to the Volvo company cars is not limited to your headquarters. You will find a station to get your chosen vehicle in every major city, airport or train station around the world. Making it easier than ever to stay mobile and connected when on a business trip.