BMW 1 company car

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The BMW brand carries a mark of excellence, which has allowed for it to remain a market leader in luxury vehicles. Established in 1916, it is a brand name that is known worldwide, this makes it no surprise that it is a popular choice for professional fleets no matter the need. The BMW brand has created a reputation that is globally recognised and respected, so whether this is a family car hire or needed for professional fleet, you can rest assured that SIXT is providing you with a top tier hire. The German automotive engineering means that BMW 1 series are sturdy and reliable vehicles but still maintain luxury and style due to the amazingly styled interiors. Hiring a BMW 1 series as a company car comes with a few guarantees that will ensure your hire is enjoyable and value for money. Its high performance means the BMW 1 series is equipped to handle a variety of road surfaces, its ability to accelerate to 62 mph in 5.1 seconds ensures excellent handling and an overall fuel-efficient vehicle. The BMW 1 series is also a good choice for those conscious about the environment, covering 35 miles per gallon provides drivers with an efficient and economical drive. A BMW company car hire with SIXT will provide an excellent driving experience for the fraction of the price.