Rent your company car instead of buying it

Rent your company car instead of buying it

Large investments are risky in today’s business world. As you can see in this SIXT product overview, you will have many more flexible options for your fleet, business travel, or transport needs.

Benefit and save: SIXT product overview

SIXT’s options for corporate customers allow you to take advantage of the best parts of company cars; rent them during business trips, supplement your existing fleet, or hire a utility vehicle only when you need it.

Full mobility during your business trips

Drive a rental yourself, hire a private driver, or use convenient carsharing for spontaneous transportation; with SIXT you have several options to simplify your business travel affordably and efficiently.
SIXT rent a car

A classic rental for smooth business travel worldwide

Choose the most adequate rental car; in addition, you can use our digital services, such as rent control tools, as well as our excellent customer service.
Pick up your rental at convenient SIXT locations at airports and train stations around the world
Arrive at appointments, meetings, and client dinners with comfort and style
Enjoy the freedom of a car whenever and as long as you need it
SIXT ride

Book a SIXT ride through our international taxi service

With SIXT, you can easily book a taxi in advance in 60 different countries worldwide, either by calling or through our online booking system.
Arrive on time at the airport, thanks to a punctual SIXT taxi booked in advance
Arrange your airport transfer conveniently with our taxi service and arrive rested at your hotel
Get home safely after a business dinner or client meeting with a pre-ordered taxi

Long-term rentals for your company fleet

Create a flexible company fleet with SIXT; rent several vehicles or just one. Your rental contract can be cancelled on a short-term basis, allowing you to adapt with low risks and low costs.
SIXT long-term classic rentals

Rent from 28 days and longer

Enjoy a fixed, monthly price without hidden fees or insurance and maintenance payments. Rent more cars or flexibility cancel contract when you need to.
Select the right temporary company car for projects and seasonal needs
Find rentals for both deliveries, client meetings and as a reward for your employees and co-workers
Add another vehicle to your fleet whenever demand calls for it
SIXT+ car subscription

Digital car rental subscription with monthly cancellation

SIXT+ is a programme that allows you to subscribe to an all-inclusive rental experience for your company, with a maximum of flexibility.
SIXT+ works as a great way to motivate your employees without binding yourself to strict contracts
Try out the newest models, electric vehicles, and hybrids before making a final investment
Enjoy low costs and no bureaucracy with SIXT+; perfect for start-ups
SIXT+ unlimited

Company car to-go with SIXT+ unlimited

SIXT+ unlimited is the perfect match if you look for a flexible option during domestic and international travel. Find SIXT+ unlimited in 10 European countries at a monthly price.
Stay mobile with SIXT even when you have a longer commute to work
SIXT+ unlimited is the perfect option when you work from your vacation home or a temporary location
A must-have for anyone who travels a lot for work within Europe

Flexible rental of trucks and vans

Rent a van for the day for moving furniture or do deliveries or expand your company fleet with some trucks for the long term. At SIXT, you find transport and utility vehicles in different price ranges.
SIXT rent a truck (Short-term)

Short-term truck rentals from SIXT for up to 27 days

Increasing your hauling and transportation capacity is easy; rent a truck or van as you would a standard car, for a day, week, or up to a month.
Great for making deliveries and picking up packages or other goods
Simplify the process of attending trade shows and other events, or rent a van on a project basis
Cover your needs with a rental where your own company cars are lacking
SIXT rent a truck (Long-term)

Supplement your transportation fleet in the long run

You can use SIXT’s utility vehicles in the long run as well, whether you are looking to build up your fleet or simply fulfil your needs for longer projects.
Rent for a month or even a year; perfect for staying on top of seasonal business cycles
Create your fleet with utility vehicles and cancel your contracts flexibly
Drive the newest models for fuel-efficient and environment-friendly mobility