Peugeot company car hire

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As one of Europe’s largest car manufacturers, Peugeot has established its position on the market as a company that offers reliable, high-quality vehicles at budget-friendly prices. If you want a versatile car but don’t want to give up on style or going over your budget, choosing to rent a Peugeot company car with SIXT is the way to go.

Our fleet of Peugeot company cars is continuously updated to provide our company customers with new Peugeots. Your car has the latest technology and you can request add-ons such as automatic parking and all-wheel drive. We offer two different models: the compact 2008, flexible for any journey, and the more spacious 3008. Why not choose a model with parking assistance or other perks, turning a simple business trip into an enjoyable, comfortable experience?

SIXT offers affordable prices in combination with convenient booking and pick-up, no matter if you’re booking a rental for yourself or your employees. Enjoy such comforts as our online booking system and flexibility, as well as the option of last-minute booking. Sixt provides our company customers both short-term and long-term rentals, depending on their needs – always at competitive, exclusive rates. In any case, our excellent customer service is always there for you in more than 600 European cities.