Vauxhall company car hire

Get the best of the best for your hard-working employees


Are your still undecided whether you should put together an owned Vauxhall company car fleet or not? Well, what if we told you that you didn’t need to invest large amounts of money into buying or leasing vehicles for your business and installing processes for booking these business cars? If you sign up for our smart Vauxhall company car programme, you will get immediate access to some of the best vehicles available. On top of that, our business customers get to enjoy an efficient and transparent booking process. Choose our website or our own app to place and edit your bookings or simply call one of our dedicated workers of the customer care team to manage your reservations.

After you have completed five very easy steps for filling out our online registration form, you can choose from a variety of different business cars and car categories and find the vehicle that matches each and every business trip the best. You will find cars with amazing amounts of space to transport not only up to nine people but also fit all your desired items and equipment. Other vehicles come with the most modern and cutting-edge automotive technology, offering driver’s assistance software that helps you drive around busy cities or rural areas safely and comfortably If you ever run into a problem on the road, you can fully rely on our service team to take over and get you up and running with a new car in no time.