Are there special offers for delivery, collection, and return of rental cars?

Your company may have negotiated a bespoke agreement for delivery and collection of rental cars to some of your company locations. In these cases the processes are installed locally. If possible, those locations were set up in your OBE or travel agency accordingly. Please also refer to your Travel Management or internal communication channels, like the intranet, for further information.

Outside of business opening hours, you can pick up or drop off your rental car at many SIXT branches. You will be informed during the reservation or on the SIXT website, whether this service is available for your reservation.

You can speed up the pick-up process via registering for a SIXT profile and saving your data in the profile. Just add your SIXT profile number in every reservation and your data is transmitted to your reservation accordingly. This saves time when picking up the rental car. Furthermore, you can do the online-check-in and will receive an email with a carcode, with which you can get your car keys from the machine at the SIXT branch/parking lot.