Mini Countryman company car hire

A smart choice for your business


Mini is an emblem of unique style and innovation known worldwide. The first Mini was born to be different and is an iconic symbol of resilience. Its origins are traced to the tense geopolitical landscape of the post-World War II period during the end of the ‘50s. The Suez Crisis sent the prices of fuels soaring and the vehicles of the time became impractical. The Mini became an instant success by revolutionising the way space in an auto is conceived and providing much more efficient performance. After 60 years, this brand keeps embodying this spirit of innovation in every vehicle they produce. Inject this same spirit into your business by selecting a Mini Countryman company car to solve your mobility needs.

The Mini Countryman is the bigger brother of the original Mini. It is an ideal car for business trips thanks to its versatility. Whether you are travelling solo with big cargo or taking your whole team for a ride, the Mini Countryman provides an excellent driving experience and comfort. Expand the original 450 litres of boot space to up to 1,390 litres whenever you need it by easily putting down the rear seats. At SIXT, our vehicles are equipped with the most modern technical capabilities to keep everyone entertained and connected.