Flexibility and discounts for company customers

Flexibility and discounts for company customers

At SIXT, you can enjoy so much more than just a premium rental. Take advantage of our convenient booking process and enjoy additional digital tools. SIXT has something for every business and every need.

Use a car instead of owning it

Discover the different options for business mobility, without high investments in a car or the depreciation and maintenance. Read more about corporate mobility, long-term business rentals, and renting trucks and vans.

Corporate mobility for your needs

Find a SIXT location for renting a company car in numerous locations all over the world, as well as other options for mobility, such as carsharing and taxis. Book flexibly whether you’re traveling in your own town or internationally.
SIXT rent a car

Rent the perfect vehicle for smooth business travel

With SIXT, you’ll drive the newest models and enjoy excellent customer service, whether you choose an economy car or a luxury vehicle.
Conveniently pick up your car at one of the many SIXT locations at airports and train stations
Comfortable and relaxed; arrive at your meetings and appointments in style
Optimise the use of a car; always when you need it and only when you need it
SIXT ride

International taxi, transfer services and private drivers

Book a taxi in advance or call one on the spot in over 60 countries worldwide. Plan your business travel in advance to save time and money.
Arrive at the airport at the perfect time and without stress
Book a transfer from the airport to your hotel in advance
Have a car ready to take you home after an important business dinner

Long-term rentals and company cars

At SIXT, you’ll find a great option for your business, whether you’re looking to expand your company fleet by one or 100 cars. Enjoy corporate discounts and special rates. Lower your risk with fair and flexible rental contracts.
SIXT long-term rentals

A classic for many companies

The classic long-term rentals are available for periods over 28 days, and the contract can be cancelled at any time. Fixed monthly costs and many alternatives.
Choose the perfect vehicle for the season or your current project
Keep your employees mobile, even during temporary contracts
Create a flexible fleet of cars, optimised according to your needs