SIXT Platinum Card

The carefree rental solution for SIXT customers

In these busy times, business is all about mobility, flexibility and agility. In order to be competitive and to adapt to changes, you need to make quick decisions and find suitable results for challenges. SIXT understands the high demands of their customers and offers tailored solutions, giving them the means to further grow their business. With our exclusive membership cards, including the SIXT Express, Gold and of course Platinum Card, you can expect top-notch premium services, special discounts and rates in more than 100 countries. Platinum cardholders are also entitled to car upgrades (upon availability), making sure you always travel in style and get a suitable car according to individual needs. One of the best parts is that our cards are free of charge and user-friendly, without any fuss on your part. The Platinum SIXT Card, being one of the most exclusive versions, is not short of benefits: you can get up to 15 % off SIXT car and truck rentals. We understand time is money, so cardholders of the SIXT Platinum Card additionally skip on long waiting times and proceed to their rental car within a minimum expense of time. No need for queuing on the collection of your rental as your personal details are conveniently saved on the SIXT Platinum Card. And if you need to expand your business matters to further destinations or other countries, we still got the best deals for you!

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