Profit more with the SIXT Gold Card

Premium benefits by renting 3 times a year

No matter if you’re a business owner or an employee, you want to focus on what’s important: your work. Today, mobility is an increasingly important part of our workdays, whether it’s making sure you’re on time for an important appointment or driving a client to a meeting. There is a growing trend of renting instead of buying in today’s society, and the benefits of this business model are various. First, it offers you extreme flexibility: choose what type of vehicle you need depending on the occasion. SIXT has a diverse fleet, including vehicles ranging from large vans to luxurious, foreign sportscars. Second, booking and picking up your car of choice has never been easier. With the SIXT Gold Card, this process is also faster than ever; all the necessary data needed is saved to your card – no need to deal with excessive paperwork.
The SIXT Gold Card is an upgrade from our basic Express Card, and after only three bookings within one year you’ll automatically receive the Gold Card the following month, without any additional charge! The Gold Card offers you discounts and exclusive offers, as well as a second driver without any extra charges every time you rent a car in the US. Whether you’re renting short-term or long-term – the SIXT Gold Card saves you time and money.

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