Your Mercedes S-Class company car

Rent now and save up to 15%! Short- and long term rental or car subscription


For our business customers, we only want the best. Because in order to run your business, you need to be at your best. So should your company car. Good thing that the Mercedes engineers are the best at what they do, as well. How do we know this? Just open the door of your new Mercedes S-Class company car and you’ll get it, too.

The S-Class is everything you need in a business car. It’s elegant and stylish without compromising safety so that both you and your clients can ride in style to meetings, executive dinners, or showrooms.

For leaders and decision-makers, this is one decision that couldn’t be easier. Just like renting your company car with SIXT couldn’t be easier, even if we tried. Because with your S-Class you also get full flexibility and cost transparency at every turn, guaranteed.