Profit with the SIXT Express Card

Benefits without prerequisites or formalities

Mobility is a necessity in today’s world. Choosing to travel with a rental car gives you the additional benefit of flexibility, allowing you to make decisions according to your needs. With SIXT, the aspects of mobility and flexibility turn into an experience itself. The SIXT Express Card facilitates the entire rental process making it yet more enjoyable. It comes with many benefits that will make booking your car easy, saving you both precious time and money. Avoiding unnecessary paperwork and formalities will give you that additional efficiency boost – and thus help you stay competitive! All this can easily be achieved with the Express Card – one of the key advantages is the fast process at any of our pick-up locations. Your data can be accessed through the card – filling out extensive forms or excessive waiting times are a thing of the past! By ordering your free Express Card, you’ll get fast lane access and get going faster! By using SIXTMobile, which comes with unlimited access along with the Express Card, you can rent even more conveniently. Simply book online, through the app or by phone. Corporate customers are additionally eligible for special rates when combining their Express Card with their Corporate Card. And once you’ve grown to like the perks of being an Express cardholder, you can upgrade to a SIXT Gold Card after only three SIXT car rentals within one year and get even more advantages.