The SIXT business van hire

The smart commercial van hire option


Are you in need of a commercial vehicle but you would rather like to use the investment it would require buying or leasing a full commercial van fleet for other important business ideas? Then you just answered the question of why you should choose the SIXT Business van hire solution yourself!

Included in our broad commercial van hire fleet are some of the most versatile and functional business vans imaginable, including the Chrysler Pacifica as well as a variety of models from esteemed automotive brands such as Volkswagen or Mercedes.

Whichever model you choose, your task will be in very good hands. Our cars help you transport all your equipment or move the set-up for your next big exhibition smoothly from A to B. Additionally, our business vans allows all your employees to travel comfortably together, creating a unique bond for all members of team.

On top of that, we combine the highest level of experience in transporting goods with the best technology available. This makes our business vans very safe and easy to handle. Driver’s assistance software is almost always included in the cars and smart features and control systems aid in stacking and unloading the vehicles.

Finally, the van hire for business is part of our prestigious commercial solution programme and therefore offers our business customers additional discounts of up to 15% making this not only an easy but also an economically smart decision.