SIXT fastlane – No waiting time at the counter

Proceed directly to your corporate rental car, open it with the SIXT app, and be on your way

Imagine you didn’t have to stand in line waiting to pick up your corporate rental car. Instead, you could select your perfect car at the touch of a button, walk straight over to it and unlock it using your phone. Well you don’t have to imagine: with SIXT fastlane, it’s a reality.

SIXT fastlane is for business executives who don’t have time to waste. As you touch down in a new city, you open up your SIXT app. You flick through the available rental cars and choose the one you like the look of. It could be a premium BMW or Audi. Maybe you’re an ecowarrior and opt for an electric or hybrid vehicle. Or perhaps you’ve got some rough terrain to traverse, so you select a 4-wheel drive.

Once you’ve made your selection, the SIXT app directs you to your vehicle. You pass the harassed-looking travellers trying to get rental cars with an overbooked agency or in an unknown language. You arrive at your car and unlock it using your app. And just like that, you’re off! Without a moment wasted.