Get your SIXT Express Card

Skip on long queues and get right to your rental

Renting a car is frequently connected with additional stress when travelling: Even though you booked and done everything in advance on your part, you still have to stand in line for long hours and are then presented with additional formalities, preventing you from getting to your destination on time. Yet you never really know what to expect in terms of the actual car model and are sometimes even charged with unexpected, hidden costs. SIXT takes customer service seriously and always strives to ensure full transparency in all respects. We provide exclusive treatment to guarantee the best rental experience. The SIXT Express Card is the ultimate entry level card for any customer – no strings attached. Even if you are new to the field of renting, you can benefit from special services for no additional costs. So why not give it a chance? The rental process is simplified, and you are granted much quicker access to rentals at reasonable prices. With SIXT Express Card you simply skip long waiting times and collect your rental in no time! Once you signed up and posted your personal data to your card, all information is saved for upcoming bookings, meaning there is no need to fill in documents every single time. Always expect the best including all-round service in more than 100 countries at any time of the day. The Express Card ensures you the flexibility you expect from a first-class rental company.