Short-term truck hire with SIXT

Short-term truck hire with SIXT

If you are looking for short-term transport solutions, then you have come to the right place at SIXT. Our trucks and vans are available to you on a daily or weekly basis at company rates. Our offer includes all vehicle classes and models because SIXT believes short-term truck rental should always come with many benefits.

Benefits for business customers

If you need to hire a truck occasionally, then the option of short-term rental from SIXT is the way to go. Remember you will always get rentals at business rates. Here are some of the advantages you benefit from:

Best availability

  • More than 500 stations
  • Available at short notice
  • You get what you book

Trucks for every requirement

  • Premium brand vehicles
  • From vans to trucks
  • Finest technical equipment

Makes driving easier

  • Useful assistance systems
  • Optional breakdown service
  • Available vehicle instruction

Rent a truck and save money

  • Get the SIXT company discount
  • Fixed prices with no hidden costs
  • Save fuel with the latest models

When is hiring a truck short-term worth it?

Your solution for short-term additional needs

Your solution for short-term additional needs

There are many situations where there is a need for short term truck hire. Business customers are at the right place at SIXT when they need a means of transport. The sprinters, vans, and trucks from SIXT are available in the short term and have sufficient storage space.
 Manage outages without restrictions

Manage outages without restrictions

In the event of a vehicle failure, you need a replacement quickly. To regulate it, you can use short-term truck hire from SIXT. All vehicles are state-of-the-art and have the latest equipment, technology and assistance systems to ensure customer safety.
The ideal completion including a company discount

The ideal completion including a company discount

If you experience a short-term bottleneck, the vans, sprinters, and trucks from SIXT are a quick and uncomplicated solution. The commercial vehicles from SIXT complement your vehicle fleet perfectly with the company tariff and can be booked as a short term truck hire for up to 27 days. Long-term rentals start from 28 days.
Solutions for the whole team

Solutions for the whole team

In the case of a trip with the entire team, SIXT is your partner. We also offer you a great solution for passenger transport. We offer different models of vans and are happy to advise you on choosing the right vehicle for your needs. Short-term truck and van hire is easy and reliable with SIXT.

Short-term truck hire: Benefits for drivers and decision-makers

Decision makers
Easy and quick: how to register
Online form
Fill out the online form to register quickly. The procedure for short-term truck hire takes no more than two minutes, and you just need to state your individual needs.
Based on your individual needs, we will create an offer with the right models for you, which we will send you quickly. After you get the offer, all you need to do is confirm it.
Book commercial vehicles from our extensive range and benefit from a discount of up to 25%. At SIXT, you always get the best offer.
Drive off
The last step: Pick up your vehicle at one of the more than 500 SIXT stations across Europe. You benefit from the countless advantages that SIXT offers you.