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SIXT company car solutions

Improve your flexibility, mobility, and cost structure with company car hires as business solutions.
Register to immediately take advantage of our high-quality fleet of business cars to additional discount. Signing up is easy, free, and doesn’t come with any obligations.
Enjoy SIXT’s digital services as additional business solutions to your company car hire! We offer tools for account management, rent tracking, and an app for easy pick up.
We have several options for company car hire; you can find both long- and short-term business solutions as well as switch between different types of vehicles.

Your benefits of company car hire with SIXT

SIXT offers a comprehensive business solution for any type of business travel; long- or short-term, occasional or frequent. You can even find spacious people carriers and vans for transportation. Additionally, you’ll always enjoy the diversity of our premium fleet, excellent customer service, and digital solutions.
A variety of rental vehicles

A variety of rental vehicles

  • Company rentals, car sharing, and drivers
  • Book online or through our customer service
  • Mobility worldwide at your fingertips
Company cars for effectivity

Company cars for effectivity

  • Stay flexible with a diverse fleet
  • No high fees or capital investments
  • Control your costs with full transparency
Transport goods and people

Transport goods and people

  • Choose how long you want to rent
  • No maintenance or repair costs
  • A wide range of utility vehicles

Stay mobile as a SIXT Business customer

Take advantage of customised options, from car subscriptions to classic rentals. We have something for every type of corporate customer, and we’re happy to advise you!
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Company cars
Commercial Vehicles
Mobile anywhere with SIXT rentals

Mobile anywhere with SIXT rentals

With over 2,200 locations worldwide, you can stay mobile with SIXT both when you travel nationally and internationally. Find the perfect rental for your needs, whether you prefer compact or luxury. Save time with smooth customer service and innovative solutions.
With SIXT, we are mobile at any time and worldwide by rental car, taxi and car-sharing ‒ without restrictions. The cost-effectiveness is just perfect.
Flexible rentals to match your needs

Flexible rentals to match your needs

Try SIXT Business instead of binding yourself to long-term contracts! You can stay flexible and utilise our diverse fleet, and flexibly cancel long-term rentals if you find that they don’t fulfil your needs or suddenly don’t have a place in your changing business environment.
Leasing contracts are very rigid due to their long terms. With SIXT’s innovative product approach, we are now adding flexibility to our company cars.
Useful vehicles with flexible terms

Useful vehicles with flexible terms

Transport smaller goods, people, or rent our biggest van for large hauls – you have each alternative at hand with SIXT Business! With a rental, you can quickly deliver packages, visit trade shows, and organise company trips thanks to flexible rental terms.
With vans from SIXT, our commercial vehicle fleet can be expanded at any time. This lets us react flexibly to additional demand during the season.