Fleet solutions and company car alternatives

Fleet solutions and company car alternatives

Keep your fleet flexible with long-term car rentals and other company car alternatives from SIXT. Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent solution, a clever alternative or smart addition to your fleet: With mobility solutions from SIXT, your fleet adapts to your needs - not the other way around.

Benefits of rentals in your fleet

When buying or leasing a car, companies enter into a long-term commitment that comes with obligations such as maintenance and repairs. SIXT offers a variety of mobility solutions that keep your fleet flexible for whenever you need to scale it up or down.

Maximum flexibility

  • Immediate availability
  • Short or no minimum contract terms
  • Flexible cancelation terms

Motivation for employees

  • Maintenance and repairs covered
  • Cars only 6 months old at most
  • Choose tax rate based on car size and engine

Full cost control

  • Test electrics and hybrids without risk
  • All-inclusive package without hidden fees
  • Change or return cars as needed

Without any effort

  • No time-consuming leasing contracts
  • Simple administration
  • Return the rental effortlessly

The long-term business car rental for your needs

SIXT long-term classic with daily cancellation for full flexibility

SIXT long-term classic with daily cancellation for full flexibility

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Find the perfect long-term car rental for business purposes with immediate availability. You can adjust the model or the rental period any time you like. Monthly payments make this option perfect for covering seasonal demand or project-based needs, whether you have just one or many vehicles in your company car fleet. Also ideally suited as an option for pool vehicles.
SIXT+ car subscription

SIXT+ car subscription

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The all-inclusive alternative to the classic company car. Tailored to your needs with individual protection packages and mileage allowances. The flexible mobility option motivates existing employees and represents a competitive advantage for potential new hires. For founders and everyone who wants to be mobile in an unbureaucratic, flexible and inexpensive way.

The SIXT long-term solutions at a glance

All the facts about the SIXT company car alternatives at a glance, so you can choose the best product for you. We will be happy to advise you on the perfect mobility solution for your company.
SIXT Long-Term Classic
Immediate availability
Minimum contract term
30 days
Option to cancel
after minimum term
All-inclusive, monthly fee
Initial payments
(reimbursed after 6 months)
Mileage package
(if U.S. is point-of-sale)
500 miles / 30 days

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