Where can I view, change, or request a SIXT invoice/receipt?

Your SIXT rental car invoice or receipt (with credit card payment) can be viewed in your SIXT profile on the SIXT website. You can also request a copy when you are logged in and print your e-invoice/e-receipt.

Please note that copies are only available online 48 hours after drop-off.

Where can I modify or cancel my SIXT reservation?

You can modify or cancel your SIXT reservation via the initially used booking channel, e.g. the SIXT Moblity Solution or travel agency.
If you made your reservation via a SIXT booking channel (Mobility Solution, App, Website) you can amend your reservation in your SIXT profile on the website or App. There, you can also extend your reservation or cancel it.

What happens in case of traffic offences during the rental?

The lessee is liable for all costs and fees occuring in connection with traffic offences according to the General Terms and Conditions. SIXT transmits the driver’s data to the requesting authority.

Furthermore, an administration fee occurs. The fine is not included in this administration fee and has to be paid directly to the issuing authority.

To evade fines, please inform yourself about traffic and parking rules in the countries you use your SIXT rental car.

Is there a Sixt breakdown service?

You can add a SIXT breakdown/mobility service during the reservation. This enhanced breakdown service protects you from the high service and repair costs associated with self-induced events, such as an empty fuel tank, a lost key, or a broken-down car, on national and international territory.
You can find the contact details of the breakdown service on the SIXT website or in your SIXT rental car.

Are there special offers for delivery, collection, and return of rental cars?

Your company may have negotiated a bespoke agreement for delivery and collection of rental cars to some of your company locations. In these cases the processes are installed locally. If possible, those locations were set up in your OBE or travel agency accordingly. Please also refer to your Travel Management or internal communication channels, like the intranet, for further information.

Outside of business opening hours, you can pick up or drop off your rental car at many SIXT branches. You will be informed during the reservation or on the SIXT website, whether this service is available for your reservation.

You can speed up the pick-up process via registering for a SIXT profile and saving your data in the profile. Just add your SIXT profile number in every reservation and your data is transmitted to your reservation accordingly. This saves time when picking up the rental car. Furthermore, you can do the online-check-in and will receive an email with a carcode, with which you can get your car keys from the machine at the SIXT branch/parking lot.

How do I add an additional driver to my rental?

You can add drivers to your rental contract by showing their driving licences. If the additional driver is not present during pick-up, you can go to any SIXT branch to add them to the rental contract. Alternatively you can show their original driving licence document at pick-up.

If all of this is not possible, the leassee is  solely responsible for the additional driver to be authorised to drive the vehicle. The rental contract does not need to be amended in this case. This scenario is only applicable if the additional driver is also an employee of the leassee’s company.

SIXT recommends entering the additional driver in the rental agreement to comply with all regulations in case of damage or traffic fines.
Please refer to your negotitated rate sheet or your Travel Management to find out whether a fee for additional drivers is applicable.

Where can I find more information about SIXT branches?

Please refer to the SIXT website’s location search for further information on location, available car types, opening hours etc.. Click here to see all of our locations.

Does SIXT also offer corporate rates for vans and trucks?

SIXT’s fleet also includes various types of vans and trucks. You can find more information on available commercial vehicles on your country’s SIXT truck website.

Your company may have negotiated corporate rates for van and truck rentals. Please refer to your company’s rate sheet or your Travel Management.

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